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1) Are the products in the public galleries really free?
Yes, they are totally free. Mpbus don't charge you anything for these products. Mpbus is not hooked up to any mobile networks or mobile operators and are actually not able to charge you. Most products in the public galleries are submitted and shared by the other users. If you download through mobile internet, you should know that most mobile network operators charge for data/GPRS/WAP use. Please check with your mobile network operator for further information on this.

2)  I don’t know what size wallpaper and themes will fit my phone, can you help?

Yes. you just need to Specify your mobile phone in the homepage. when you Specify your mobile phone, you can download the ringtones, wallpapers, themes, games, softwares adapter to you mobile phone.

3) How do I download the items to my pc?
You can download all items in the public galleries directly to your pc if choose to do so. Choose “Download” on the item preview page. This is convenient if you wan to upload them to your mobile using a cable, IR, Bluetooth or a memory card.

4) The ringtones in the public gallery won't work on my phone?
The ringtones provided in the public gallery might no be compatible with all phone models, depending on the phone's age and feature set. Polyphonic ringtones should work on most phones, but MP3 ringtones will only on newer phones.

5) Should I use the .JAD or .JAR file when downloading a game to my PC?
In most cases you will only need to download and install the .JAR file. If you are using the PC software provided with your mobile phone, you can often use this software to install the .JAR file directly from the PC to your phone.
If you don't use the handset manufacturer software, or if you have problems installing the files, you should transfer both the .JAR and .JAD file to your phone and install it from there, trying the .JAD file first. In some cases you will need to transfer both file into either the App, Games or Install folder on your phone memory itself and NOT on to your memory card. Make sure to transfer both files into the same folder.
Please Note: Some mobile phones may attempt to download the .JAR file using the phone Internet connection when you install the .JAD file, even if you have transferred both the .JAR and .JAD file to your phone. This happens when the phone cannot find the locally stored .JAR file on your handset and it tries to download it instead. This should work but please be aware that you may have to pay for the data used to download the file. Check with your mobile network operator to get more information about your data plan. If you have an unlimited Data plan there should be no additional charges.

6) I cannot install the Mpbus games why?
If you can’t install the Mpbus games, please check up if you Specify your mobile phone in the homepage. and sometimes the games, softwares may be is destroy  please contact us.
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